What do you charge for translation?

The cost for translation depends on many factors: length of text, urgency, language combination, format, subject matter, etc. Before giving a definitive quote we will always ask you to send a sample of the content.

Will your translation be proofread?

Yes, we make sure all content we provide is proofread by a second person.

Can't I just use Google Translate or similar?

No, this is not advisable where quality counts. Machine translation should not be used for the creative production of marketing content and other business purposes. Machine translation software is nowadays farily advanced, but it is unable to create a quality product that accurately communicates the essential message you want to deliver.

How long does the translation process take?

This depends on several factors, like length and subject. But in general a translation of 1500-2000 words of creative copy would take a day, excluding proofreading.

Will a transcreation take more time than a translation?

Yes. With transcreation we expect our native speakers to do more research, be more creative and rewrite a text where needed.

How many words can you translate in a day?

This depends strongly on the subject and nature of the text. In general though, a translator is able to translate between 1500-2000 words a day.

Are your translations literal?

No, we don't believe in literal translations. Our translations are always localised to the specific market by our in-country native speakers.

Do you make use of translation tools?

Yes, we use translation memory tools (TM) where applicable, to ensure consistency and to streamline the process;  we also use glossaries. TM should not be mistaken with machine translation (MT) like Google Translate.

Do you know your translators?

Yes! Unlike some agencies that hold databases of 5000+ freelancers, we work with a small team of translators and editors who we know very well. Many of our colleagues have been working with us for many years on a weekly/monthly basis.